What Do You See?

22 08 2007

I’d like to know how many of you are having the same problem as Kurt (who commented here) with the header image on this blog.

So, when you read this post, would you please comment and let me know if you can read the following words at the left side of the header picture in their entirety, or if they are cut off (if cut, how much do you see)?

The words in the picture should read:

“grace church | memphis




5 responses

22 08 2007

Here’s an update…

With my screen resolution at its highest, I see:

Grace Church |
glorify … t

22 08 2007

I see the complete text.
I’m using safari.
If that means anything.

22 08 2007

I see the whole text. Is the second line supposed to be aligned with the first, though? Because for me it is shifted to the left a bit. (I’m using Firefox.)

22 08 2007

i set my screen to 1280 x 800 and it looks like hot potatoes. you might want to take a look at the blog in a smaller res.(gc)

if you are a windows user just right click on the desktop go to properties (very bottom of list) and click the “settings” tab and you will see what i mean.

How to change the screen resolution in Mac OS X

1. Open the System Preferences (either from the Dock or from the Apple menu).
2. Open the Displays Panel and choose the Display tab.
3. On the left of the Displays tab you can select one of the Resolutions from the list. Higher resolutions allow you to see more “stuff”. IT is recommending at least 1024×768 unless you have a specific reason to use a lower resolution.
4. Quit or close the System Preferences when done.


* At higher resolutions, you may not be able to see as many colors (Thousands instead of Millions).
* Flat panel monitors have a prefered resolution. If you set the display lower or higher, the display will be noticably more blurry. The prefered resolution should be noted in your display manual. For example, the new 17 inch Apple Studio Display (flat panel) is most crisp at 1280×1024.

22 08 2007

I can see all of the text, but I don’t know what safari or firefox is so I can’t help you there.

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