Worship Preparation

30 08 2007
For those coming to Grace this Sunday, here are a few suggestions for how to prepare your soul. As always, these are “suggestions” not “law.” I look forward to “boasting” in the cross of the Lord Jesus with you this Sunday!
  1. Read, and pray through (meditate), Galatians 6:11-18 in as many translations as you can track down.
  2. Thank God for Jesus, and glory in His cross!
  3. Sing something to God (preferably that you are making up on the spot) as you think of the contents of the sermon text. (Joyful noise!)
  4. Thank God for the 16th century Reformation (and for the life of Martin Luther in particular, which, in God’s kind providence was an instrumental event in history that contributed to our access to believing the contents of Galatians!).
  5. Listen to, or read, Piper (preaching in Memphis in 2000) on Boasting Only in the Cross.
  6. Attend, and engage in, corporate prayer at 9a.



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