Dealing Responsibly With Anxious Souls-#4

2 10 2007
Letters to a soul seeking Jesus – No. 3

Joy in believing

Dear friend,

I send you another line to tell you Jesus is the way. I would like much to hear how your weak body prospers, and whether your soul is resting under the apple-tree (Song ii. 3); but till some opportunity occurs, I must just content myself with committing your soul and body into the hand of Jesus, your faithful Creator (1 Pet. iv. 19).

We are now looking forward to another communion season, and I am busy instructing young persons for that holy and blessed ordinance. I think you said you were a good deal impressed at our last communion, and wished that you had been one of those seated at the table: perhaps you may never be permitted to sit at the table on earth; perhaps your first communion may be in glory.

There is a text in Rom. xv. 13, which expresses all my desire for you: “Now that you may abound in hope, through the power of the Holy Ghost.” You see here who is the author of conversion—“the God of hope.” He must open your heart to attend to the things that are spoken. The truths that are presented to you will not convert your heart; the God of hope must breathe on your heart and water it oft. Then see how He give you joy and peace—“in believing.”

When Jesus revealed Himself to Thomas (John xx. 28), Thomas cried out with joy, “My Lord and my God!” If Jesus reveal Himself to you in all the glory of His person, the completeness of His work, and the freeness of His love, you too will be filled with appropriating, joyful faith, and will cry, “My Lord and my God!

It is a difficult thing to explain what it is to believe—I suppose it is impossible. But when Jesus unveils His matchless face that was buffeted and spit upon, then the soul joyfully clings to Him. This is believing, and this is joy and peace in believing. The truest, purest joy flows from a discovery of Jesus Christ. He is the hidden treasure that gives such joy to the finder (Matt. xiii. 44). Do you think you have found that treasure? Touching question! For if not, you are poor indeed.

But how much joy may you have in Christ? “The God of hope fill you with all joy.” You need not be afraid to take the full joy that Jesus gives. If you really come unto Christ, you come unto the love of Jehovah, and that is a filling love. The love of the creature does not fill the heart; but God’s love coming full upon the soul gives fulness of joy (1 John i. 4). It is holy love, sovereign love.

I have been interrupted several times in writing this little note. I will not be long in writing you again. Do decide the question of your eternity. One thing is needful! Have you closed with the great Mediator? Have you got saving knowledge of Jesus? Then only will death lose its power, and the grave become the bed of peaceful rest.

There is a land of pure delight,
Where saints immortal reign;
Infinite day excludes the night,
And pleasures banish pain.

Lean all your care for time and eternity on Jesus; that is the softest of all pillows—the bosom of our guardian Immanuel.—I am, ever yours, etc.

Memoir and Remains, pp. 298-9.




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