Explaining the Gospel to Children

6 11 2007

Every believing parent is concerned for the salvation of his or her child(ren). The article linked below is a helpful one for me. And, the book pictured to the left is the best and most biblical counsel I’ve come across on the subject thus far.

Good (negative) point from the article to keep in mind:

“Too many ministries to children equate every positive response with a real conversion.”

Good (positive) point from the article to keep in mind:
“Certainly children are limited in their ability to understand spiritual truth, but so are adults. Very few people intellectually understand all the gospel truth at the moment of salvation. Fortunately, the essential truths are basic enough that even a child can understand. Jesus Himself characterized saving faith as childlikeness (Mark 10:15). True belief is not a function of advanced intellect, sophisticated theological understanding, or complex doctrinal knowledge.”

You can read the short article here.

(article HT: TC)




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6 11 2007

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