Paul Washer on Gospel Cowardice

26 11 2007

(HT: TB)




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26 11 2007
Brad Nelson

Good to see you over Thanksgiving Bro, Sermon Audio has tons of Paul Washer sermons. They are all awesome. Nothing but straight Gospel Truth sermon after sermon. The Lord has blessed him tremendously. It is addicting to hear such Christ exalting preaching. Also very convicting, most of the time I am left wondering what am I doing with my life. Should Christ crucified not be my motivation for all that I do? So often the world and its glitter take away my focus on Christ. I am happiest when my focus is on the One worthy of all my devotion. Praise the Lord for the birth of Grace Church downtown. What a need Memphis has for the True Gospel, not the watered down ask Jesus into your heart gospel so you can go to heaven that so many have been exposed to.

6 06 2009

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