Prayer, Giver, or Goer… Will You Be Involved In PTI-4

4 12 2007

Anthony asks:

Why would [the PTI men] succumb to such misery as being cramped on to a stuffy 105-degree bus in which no one will dare open a window for fear of moving air making them deathly ill? And ride that way for so long only to finally arrive in a city that is not their home and to a thin piece of foam (AKA a bed) while being fed crushed peas, some boiled veggies and sour fermented mush made from a grain that we have for the most part never even heard of in our country.


Read Anthony’s entire article here.

And Kurt makes a great point about PTI:

PTI is preparing close to seventy men to take the gospel of Jesus into some of the most unreached portions of Ethiopia. Some of them do so at great peril. But the name of Jesus is worthy of their peril…and our support!

Read Kurt’s entire article here.




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