So, Please State the Obvious: God Is Amazing!

19 12 2007

A new ESPN article diverted from its subject (sports) to give a (random) “cosmic thought.” The article begs for the obvious to be stated. Specifically, God is Amazing. As you read it, don’t stop short of stating the obvious.

pg2_cxo_stars_300.jpg        A Cosmic Thought: There appear to be 50 billion to 60 billion galaxies, containing on average about 100 billion stars each. Not even Tuesday Morning Quarterback has the room to multiply those numbers out and estimate the totality of stars in the cosmos.

But whenever instruments improve, the universe is found to be larger and grander than previously thought. Recently, astronomers led by Ming Sun of Michigan State University used the Chandra X-ray observatory in Earth orbit to discover a huge “tail” of millions of stars forming outside any galaxy. Intergalactic expanses are vast compared with the galaxies themselves. Our Milky Way is about 100,000 light-years in diameter, and the next large galaxy is about 1.5 million light-years beyond the Milky Way rim, making the volume of void around the Milky Way far larger than our galaxy itself.

The intergalactic void appears to constitute the lion’s share of the universe, and it has been assumed to be curved nothingness, no more than vacuum at just slightly above absolute zero. Standard theory says that only within galaxies could there be sufficient matter and gravity for stars and planets to coalesce. If it turns out stars commonly form in the immense intergalactic regions as well as within galaxies, then the universe might be far, far more populous — in terms of stars and perhaps planets — than even the 60 billion times 100 billion calculation suggests.




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21 12 2007

This article shows a glimpse and only a glimpse of our great and glorious God.

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