The Unrepenting Repenter

11 01 2008

About seven years ago, I was given this soul-searching list of evidences of false-repentance that I used in Sunday’s sermon.

Here’s the outline:

  1. You may reform in the actions without repenting in the heart.
  2. You may experience the emotion of repentance without the effect of it.
  3. You may confess the words of a true repenter and never repent.
  4. You may talk against sin in public like a true repenter but never repent in private.
  5. You may repent primarily for temporal gains rather than the glory of God.
  6. You may repent of lesser sins for the purpose of continuing in greater sins.
  7. You may repent so generally that you never repent of any specific sin at all.
  8. You may repent for the love of friends and religious leaders and not repent for the love of God.
  9. You may confess the finished action of sin and not repent from the continuing habit of sin.
  10. You may attempt repentance of your sin while consciously leaving open the door of its opportunity.
  11. You may make an effort to repent of some sins without repenting of all the sin you know.



One response

11 01 2008

Thanks for posting this list. I thought it originated with Mr. Roberts.

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