Learning About Soul-Care: From A Sixteen Year Old Girl!

16 01 2008
Ok, so we’ve highlighted this one before, right?

It is no overstatement to suggest that Edward Payson was one of early America’s most Christ-like, and Christ-exalting, preachers. His Legacy of Legend is a beautiful illustration that he was indeed that type of saint. Louisa Payson Hopkins was the eldest daughter of Edward Payson. She was only 15 years old when her dad died at age 44, in 1827.

One year after her father’s death, Louisa recorded in book form—from vivid first-hand memory—scores of evangelistic gospel conversations she had with her loving father and soul-shepherd prior to his passing. If there is a better resource for equipping parents for evangelizing their children I haven’t come across it. For absolutely every believing dad in the world I could not recommend Louisa’s book any more highly! For that matter, I trust that even those who are single, childless, or empty-nesters would find tremendous Christ-honoring benefit from the pen of this sixteen year old girl! For that matter, if you know of a teenage girl who is searching for a role-model that would make for happy parents, buy her this book!!




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