Christ: The Theme of PTI

18 01 2008

Here’s an encouraging excerpt from Anthony’s latest update:

Following that day, I resigned to be even more careful to offer them nothing but the God-Man, minute by minute, morning and afternoon, day after day. The help from the Lord in preaching His Christ was so wonderful – in so many ways unlike I have experienced before. Even as I was preaching I felt as if I had 64 people tracking with me as we were exploring an old mansion again for the first time. Uncovering beautiful truths that had been lying dormant for years – or forever. We ripped up the old dirty shag carpet of our own understanding and, with a little work, were able to gaze at the beautiful, exquisite, intricately designed hardwood of Christ’s reality. We went around this corner and into that room and, time and again, made a fresh new discovery. Christ. The ever-present, never-changing, glorious Son of Man who Himself is God in the flesh.

Read the rest of this article, browse the previous updates, and keep up with others to come marking this link.




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