Communion With God

29 01 2008

“Now, if a man have a golden mill, he will not use it to grind dirt, straws and rotten sticks in. The soul, the mind, the thinking faculty of man is too high to be exercised in the things of this earth. The soul is of a most excellent capacious nature, it is fit to converse not only with angels, but with the eternal God himself, with Father, Son and Holy Ghost; it is of a transcendent being, put all the world into the balance with it, and it is nothing in comparison. The soul of the meanest galley slave is more than heaven and earth, than sun and moon and stars, and all the host of heaven. Now, if a man’s soul be of such an high-born nature, if the Lord hath put such a spirit in to the bosom of man; for him to bestow the strength of it upon low, base, mean and earthly things, oh what an evil is this [to neglect communion with God]!”

– Isaac Ambrose, Looking Unto Jesus. 24.

Note: Available for $25 from Grace and Truth! Amazing! Especially considering it is going for $175 at Amazon!

Correction: Amazon is cheaper.




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