The Gospel & Racial Harmony

1 02 2008

I just remembered that I haven’t fulfilled my promise from January 20th’s sermon to post Peter’s 13 unique exaltations of Jesus in his 10 verse sermon in Cornelius’ living room. This sermon is a stark reminder that true harmony comes only on the basis of the true gospel (not music!).

  1. V. 36: The peace of God, Whose word came to Israel, comes only through Jesus Christ.
  2. V. 36: The Lord of all (that is, of all types of peoples) is Jesus Christ.
  3. V. 38: Jesus Christ is fully human (from Nazareth) and fully divine (anointed by the Spirit).
  4. V. 38: Jesus Christ was a minister of good, and healed the Satan-oppressed.
  5. V. 38: Jesus Christ is the dwelling place of God
  6. V. 39: Jesus Christ’s ministry was observed in, and beyond, Jerusalem by Peter (Thus Jesus is verifiably Who He claimed to be).
  7. V. 39: Jesus Christ was put to death by being hung on a cross.
  8. V. 40: Jesus was raised on the third day by the power of God.
  9. V. 40: Jesus was witnessed alive from the dead by those whom God had appointed beforehand—which included Peter.
  10. V. 42: Jesus is the subject of all true preaching
  11. V. 42: Jesus is the Judge of the Living and the Dead
  12. V. 43: Jesus is the focal point of all of God’s special revelation—the Bible!
  13. V. 43: Jesus is the only channel of the forgiveness of sins.



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