How to Improve the Sabbath

21 02 2008

Older English would use the word “improve” to mean “make the most of.” Pay special heed to Charles Simeon’s counsel for how we may “improve the Sabbath.”

“On rising from our beds, we should shut the door of our minds against the intrusion of worldly thoughts, and should set ourselves to the contemplation of heavenly subjects. We should invite our God to come and take possession of our souls, and to banish from thence every imagination that may interfere with his service, or retard our spiritual improvement. We should consider what great objects are to be attained that day; what innumerable sins to be lamented; what great and precious promises to be embraced; what communion with God the Father, and with the Lord Jesus Christ to be enjoyed; what grace, and mercy, and peace to be brought into the soul; what victories to be gained; what glory to be secured. Methinks, on retiring to our closet, we should say, ‘Now, vain world, begone; let nothing belonging to thee interrupt me for a moment: welcome, precious Bible, thou inestimable treasure: let me now unfold thy sacred pages, and obtain an insight into thy mysterious truths: and, O my God, “shine into my heart, to give me the light of the knowledge of thy glory in the face of Jesus Christ!”‘ — Expository Outlines, XII, p. 19.




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