How Our Understanding of God Affects Our Worship of God

14 04 2008

Though it may come across to many as elitist, bigoted, and judgmental to suggest that many well-meaning, emotionally-sincere, powerfully-moved, deeply-affectionate “worshipers” of ‘God’ are actually idolaters, the fact remains that unless we know Him on the basis of His Word, we are not worshiping Him.

A question (updated): Believing Bob Kauflin’s statement below is true (and I do!) are there some true believers in every corporate worship gathering who are having ‘more genuine’ experience of worship than that of other true believers because they know more of the truth of God than the next guy?

“The better (i.e., the more accurately) we know God through His Word, the more genuine our worship will be. In fact, the moment we veer from what is true about God, we’re engaging in idolatry.

Regardless of what we think or feel, there is no authentic worship of God without right knowledge of God.”

Quoted from Worship Matters, p. 28.




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