Memorization For Meditation

29 04 2008


Warning: This post is for your encouragement in your walk with God!

Memorizing Scripture is one of the disciplines in the Christian life that almost always yields immediate fruit. Upon locking a verse (or passage, or chapter, or book) away in our memory bank, we are almost always instantly filled with the joy of having God’s revealed will filling more of the recesses of our heart. But is that it? Is there “more” to Scripture memory than Scripture memory? How do we derive the greatest benefit from those verses that we have memorized? Let me suggest two things that I think will help us make the best use of the verses we have memorized.

1. Review :: I know, I know. That’s kind of like saying its a good idea to floss every day (wait, we all do that, right?). Quickly refreshing a memorized verse through reviewing it has a positively stimulating effect on our heart. So, for that verse (or 15 verses :-)) that isn’t quite so fresh anymore, consider breaking out the old 3×5 cards and writing the verse out. Keep the card in your pocket every day until you can recite it in your sleep. Here’s why…

2. Meditation :: Allowing the truth of Scripture to fill your mind is the most strategic way to encourage the Holy Spirit to take up His favorite ammo in accomplishing God’s will in your life. Now we’re not talking about the Eastern ideas of meditation where the aim is to fill the mind with _____________ (that’s the only way I could think of writing nothing). Through biblical meditation, the Spirit wants to unveil the truth of His Word and its application to your life as you meditate on Scripture. As you memorize the word (and review it), the Holy Spirit will be your guide, helping you mentally chew on the truth of the verse(s). Scripture meditation is the Christian soul’s favorite playground. Your passion to live upon the truth of the Word will be in direct correspondence to your delight to ruminate, cogitate, and marinate in verses of the Bible.

So, what was that verse again that you are planning to lock away (or re-lock) today?

Happy meditating!




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