Two Worshipful Responses to Yesterday’s Sermon

26 05 2008

(by: ns)

Two statements landed on me in significant ways during yesterday’s sermon from Mark 7:24-37.

Statement #1: The Lord is pleased when we are not easily deterred from seeking Him.

Quote: “O, pity for evermore that there should be such an one as Christ Jesus, so boundless, so bottomless, and so incomparable in infinite excellency, and sweetness, and so few to take Him!  O, ye poor dry and dead souls, why will ye come hither with your toom vessels and your empty souls to this huge, and fair, and deep, and sweet well of life, and fill all your toom vessels?  O, that Christ should be so large in sweetness and worth, and we so narrow, pinched, so ebb, and so void of all happiness, and yet men will not take Him!  They lose their love miserably, who will not bestow it upon this lovely One.’ Selections from Samuel Rutherford’s Letters

Response: It is so enjoyable to know that He delights in our responding to His love compelling us to Him.

Statement #2: Do I desire a lower position in order that I might be nearer to Christ?

Response: Is the glory of Christ really the foundational desire in my life?

O Praise be to Him who does all things well




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