Spreading Christ… to The Next Generations

29 05 2008

(by: jt)

The mission statement of the people of Grace Church is to carry out our God-given vision by:

Guiding people to faith in Jesus Christ
Growing together in biblical maturity, and
Going with the gospel our neighbors and the nations.

As our God-given vision expands, so must the practical implementation of our mission. Not that we have to reword the summary of why we exist every time the Lord reveals a fresh application of His purposes for us, but we must be able to articulate our calling in order to live it out. Cutting to the chase… I wonder if we have corporately embraced our calling to take the gospel to the next generation with the same intentionality as we have for taking Christ to our neighbors and the nations?

Spreading Christ geographically is clearly our calling. But so is spreading Christ chronologically! The reason GraceKids exists is in the hope that the next generation might place their confidence in God; even those yet to be born!

Grace is quickly becoming famous (or infamous?) for being on the receiving end of God’s abundant ‘conceiving grace’! I’ve lost count of the number of conceptions since this time last year (pushing 15? Or more?). Shew!! Oh, by the way, we’re expecting #5! As an email from one of Grace’s covenant members recently stated concerning our newest addition, “May [every one] of these precious little ones love Christ supremely!” This is our confident prayer!

But causing couples within our church to be fertile is not God’s only strategy for adding His gifts and blessings to the life of Grace. Adoption, thankfully, is part of God’s plan for us (41 out of 41 members of Grace have testified to being adopted by God!). And earthly adoption is a beautiful picture of the gospel in God’s plan for expanding human families too.

As Grace embraces every fresh application of God’s vision for our lives, we will receive the joy as our Lord receives the glory.

In that vein, the elders are inviting you to pray with us that part of our “Summer of Spreading” will result in no less than $5,000 being given toward The Amber Adoption Fund between now and the end of the summer.

The goal of $5k is because the first $5k given by Grace will be matched by The Abba Fund and by Shahohanah’s Hope ($2,500 by each. And, please continue praying for the family as you may be aware that Shahohanah’s Hope is the adoption effort started by the Chapman’s who’s adopted daughter recently died).

Now, we do not see the faces and know the names of the children who will be adopted into the families of Grace with assistance from the Amber Adoption Fund, but God does. If we were able to see their faces and know their names, I wonder if our eagerness to contribute to the fund would be heightened? $5k is a lofty goal for a small church during one summer. I’m praying it will be exceeded.

You may contribute to the Amber Adoption Fund any time by writing “AAF” on the memo line of your check.

Soli Deo Gloria!




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