Grace Kids Summer Schedule

30 05 2008

(by: bms)

Fellow Parents,

We recently announced the new summer schedule for Grace Kids. That schedule begins Sunday, June 1st. I hope there hasn’t been any confusion, but inevitably when there is a change there is some confusion. This post should provide some clarification for all you parents.

We will not have our regular Grace Kids classes for the summer months (June-August). We are fully aware that without Grace Kids it will be difficult for parents of children to attend our weekly 9am corporate prayer meeting. Our solution is threefold:

(#1) To open two classrooms at church for parents to watch their children during that hour,

(#2) To allow parents to bring all their children into the prayer meeting, or

(#3) Parents are welcome to keep their children at home during that hour.

Solution #1 = Allows both parents, or a single parent, to bring their child(ren) to Grace Church, especially if they are traveling from a longer distance and want to avoid bringing two vehicles at separate times. However, only one parent would be able to attend the prayer meeting while the other parent watched their children in one of two assigned classrooms. The two classrooms will be labeled (cafe and fishbowl). The cafe is where the 6-10 year old class normally meets and the fishbowl is where 1-2 year old class normally meets. We will first occupy the cafe to watch the children. If the cafe begins to fill then we will open the fishbowl for more room to watch children. Other volunteers will be available to help watch the children of any single parents who may wish to attend the prayer meeting.

Solution #2 = If you feel your children are mature enough to attend the prayer meeting, and would not be a too disruptive, we would prefer they attend the meeting with you. All of our children already attend the corporate prayer meeting on the last Sunday of each month with the intent of teaching them the “how” and importance of corporate prayer. As they listen to adults pray, we soon hope that the children will learn to pray God-honoring prayers with us.

Solution #3 = Since only one parent can attend the prayer meeting for couples who have to watch their children during the prayer hour, we also would suggest that parents are welcome to keep their children home during the prayer hour. This obviously would apply to couples who live closer in proximity to the church and would be able to come in separate vehicles. one parent could attend the meeting while the other stayed home to watch children.

Here are a couple of example of what Sunday mornings might look like:

  • For a two-parent family with four children (ages 10, 7, 3, 1): Suppose the two older children are mature enough to sit in and even participate in the prayer meeting. One parent could attend the prayer meeting with the 10 and 7 year old children, while the other parent stayed at home to keep the 3 and 1 year old children or watches the younger children in one of the assigned classrooms at Grace Church during the corporate prayer hour.
  • For a single parent with two children (ages 8, 2): If the oldest is able to attend the prayer meeting we would encourage them to do so, and Grace would offer a volunteer to help watch the two year old in one of the assigned classrooms. However, just as married parents would be unable to attend every prayer meeting because they are responsible to watch their children on a rotating basis between father and mother, we would kindly ask that single parents choose to watch their children every other week to allow volunteers the opportunity to be in the corporate meetings as well.

If any questions remain, ask pastor Bryan or Brandy on Sunday.

That Jesus may be exalted!



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