Nigeria Pics

30 06 2008

Keep praying, giving, going!


Women’s Fellowship Tonight

26 06 2008

(by ns)

The ladies of GC will be gathering together at our house this evening at 6:00p for Biblical fellowship. The men of the church will be providing the ‘daddy day care’ so that the ladies can utilize this time to spur one another on in Christ-likeness. This has proven to be so beneficial to the soul of my wife (and mine too when she recaps for me); along with countless others who have attended; so we encourage you to make every effort to come.

If anyone needs directions to our house, please email me.

Romans 8:32 He who did not spare His own Son, but delivered Him over for us all, how will He not also with Him freely give us all things?

Feel More Outrage About Your Sin Than…

21 06 2008

From John Piper:

Ask yourself an honest question: How intensely outraged are you over your belittling of God compared to the engagement of your emotion when your child is hurt, or your leg is cut off, or you lose your job, or some physical thing happens? Everything in you rises to say, “No!” How often does your heart say “No!” with the same emotional engagement at your own sin?


Aid Your Pastor’s Joy

21 06 2008

(by: jt)

The people of Grace are such a joy to pastor. Thank you for the privilege! Here’s a good article from C.J. Mahaney on how you can continue to foster your pastor’s joy.

Joy-filled pastoring is partially dependent upon joy-filled church members. So how can members of a local church help foster joy in their pastor?

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Worship Follow-Up

21 06 2008

Last week’s sermon was admittedly a different approach. The goal was to look directly into the brightness of the sun, while praying that we would not be blinded in the process.

Here’s a powerful follow-up from Octavius Winslow that is well worth the read:

The Redeemer, the Revelation of the Father’s Glory

“The glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.” 2 Cor. 4:6

That God was under any obligation or necessity to reveal Himself to man, is an idea that cannot for a moment be seriously entertained. It will follow, then, that such a revelation of Himself, of His mind and will, to fallen creatures having been made, it must be regarded as astounding act of His sovereign mercy, irrespective of any claim whatever arising from the creature man. The source where it originates must be entirely within God Himself.”

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Touch not the glory, carry well the Name

16 06 2008

(by ns)

I am writing to you, little children, because your sins have been forgiven you for His name’s sake.  1 John 2:12

Treasuring Christ Together

15 06 2008

(by: jt)

I’m in Minneapolis for Monday’s final Treasuring Christ Together meeting for the ’07-’08 year. These gatherings are for church planters who have some sort of connection to Bethlehem. Each meeting has proven immensely profitable for me.

Fellowshipping with like-minded church planters over matters that are essential to the church’s health is a unique joy. And being a pastor of one of the youngest TCT churches affords me the privilege of being able to learn from those who are just ahead of us in the journey. We’ve prayed for one another, counseled each other through pastoral needs, and gained insight from one another’s ministry strategies. Added to that, staying with my good friends John and Leslie Erickson is always a treat.

Thank you Lord for the gift that the Treasuring Christ Together vision has been in my life, and now for many others in Memphis. May what we’ve seen to date of Your work through the TCT churches only be a foretaste of Your purposes to bless beyond our greatest imaginations!

Solus Christus!