Study Partner?

2 06 2008

I respect those preachers who can finish sermon prep on Thursday afternoon and take Friday-Saturday off to be with the family. Although I typically devote the majority of Saturday to family, my last 3-4 hours of sermon prep almost always have to come on Saturday night. There’s something wired (or, weird?) in me dictating that I must dive deeply into Sunday’s sermon as the final task before my head hits the pillow that night.

So this past Saturday, I decided to head up to the office to ensure a quiet spot (that’s hard to come by in the Thomas house :-), and lo and behold, I had a study partner! Where can a guy get a little privacy these days???

In the first shot it looks like my lil’ friend is soaking up the GC Vision statement, while preparing to listen to a little Pilgrim’s Progress as read by Max Mclean (Thanks Brandon, I’ll get the cd’s back to you sometime!).

In the second shot he’s showing off a profile pose indicating that he’s a healthy 1.5 inches long.

Study partners rarely help. All they want to do is play.




2 responses

2 06 2008

Looks like an American Cockroach, aka “Palmetto Bug”, aka “Water Bug”. Call Terry’s Termite & Pest Control for residential pest management @ 859-4724.. Or buy a can of RAID from Kroger!

3 06 2008

That is so disgusting!

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