Prayer Today as the Gospel is Preached

8 06 2008

(by ns)

May the Lord be pleased to do this in hearts today as the Gospel is preached from Mark 8 at Grace; Exodus 3 at Unity BC; and in every pulpit/setting that is committed to the glory of Christ in expository exultation!

Reader! your eyes are open to such pitiable folly. You sigh over a serfdom, which is content to do a tyrant’s bidding, rather than defy a tyrant’s rage. But such may be your own case. The Gospel, like Moses, approaches men. It tells them that they grind in Satan’s prison-house. It calls them to arise from the dust, to lift up the head, to burst the fetters, to dare to be free. It shows them Jesus, the Captain of Salvation, inviting them to the banner of His cross. It assures those who this Leader never lost a battle—and never lost a man. It beseeches them to cast off the filthy fetters, and to stride boldly towards the sparkling crown.

O my soul, into what a speck must poor man dwindle before such greatness! The limits of the mind cannot scan it. The arms of the heart cannot embrace it. Words are mere skeletons before it. Intellect would desire to fly on eagle’s wing around the ever-widening circle. But vain is the effort. Its height is on heaven’s summit. What mortal arm can reach it? It is as space which has no bounds. What human line can measure it? Our mortal eyes cannot pierce unlimited expanse. Our scales cannot weigh the mountains. Our vessels cannot measure the ocean’s depths. So our faculties are too short to probe the immensities of God. To grasp divine essence requires divine largeness. ‘I AM THAT I AM’ alone can read the volume of that title.

Shall we then repine? What! repine because our God is so great? Where is the subject who frets because he cannot count his prince’s treasures? Let us rather bow our heads in pious adoration. Let us rather give thanks that a mine is open in which the very dust is gold! Let us rather humble ourselves, that we are so slow and careless to gather up the manna of rich truth which falls at the tent-door. Let us rather pray the Spirit to illumine more clearly the written page. Let us rather long for the day when every cloud which veils our God shall brighten into perfect light; and when His people ‘shall be like Him, for they shall see Him as He is.’ Come then, and with such loving teachableness let us take our seat beside this sea of truth, and strive with reverence to touch the spray which sparkles on the shore.

Henry Law



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