Worship Preparation | Christ’s Essential Glory

12 06 2008

Christ is inherently glorious. He is essentially so. That is to say, gloriousness belongs to Him by virtue of Who He is. Christ is. And He is glorious. Period.

In this week’s sermon text, we are given a momentary glimpse of Christ’s essential glory during His incarnation.

Here’s how one dictionary defines essential: (Especially pay attention the attributive usage):

Essential |iˈsen sh əl|
Absolutely necessary; extremely important : [with infinitive ] it is essential to keep up-to-date records | fiber is an essential ingredient. See notes at inherent, necessary .
[ attrib. ] fundamental or central to the nature of something or someone : the essential weakness of the plaintiff’s case.

I’m not sure that I’ve even started mining the depths of Mark 9? Please pray for me as I’m continuing to prepare.

My prayer for myself, and for all of Grace for this coming Sunday, is that 30+ years from now (beyond year 2038), like Peter, will still be as gripped by the revelation of Christ’s glory that we’re privileged to encounter on June 15, 2008! Awe. Wonder. Amazement. Glory. Majestic Glory. Risking oversimplification, Peter was slightly impacted by seeing Christ’s glory. May nothing less be true of us!

You are encouraged to prepare for corporate worship this week as if you knew it would be your last earthly opportunity. What God said in a negative context through the prophet, I now urge you positively, ‘Prepare to meet Thy God‘.




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