Praying for the ‘hard ones’

14 06 2008

(by: ns)

Devotionally I am in the book of Acts right now and this morning’s section was ch. 9:20-22. Acts 9 is familiar to many because it is the account of the conversion of Saul, while he was intentionally persecuting Christians. According to Ananias and those in the synagogue, Saul had quite the reputation for the suffering he was inflicting.

One of the ways the Lord prompted me to pray this morning were along the lines of praying for people who we would deem as hard people. In our minds we give them this description because of the their hardness of heart towards the gospel; lovelessness towards Christ; and overt disobedience to almost every authority placed over their life. In our minds, people such as this are ‘written off’ as ones who are without hope because they are destined for jail or a troublesome life because that is the fruit that there attitude and actions are producing now.

Consider Saul: He persecuted Christians and evoked fear in them. He had no love towards Christ but sought to remove Christ from the law. He pursued righteousness, but not the righteousness that is Christ. We would all agree that Saul would be considered a hard one.

Consider your soul: Apart from the very righteousness of Christ, how are we any different than those whom we’ve ‘written off’? A careful assessment of the scriptures concerning our soul apart from Christ would answer that we should consider ourself a hard one as well.

Now Consider Christ: Didn’t He die for the ungodly? Isn’t He capable of changing the heart of stone into flesh? Isn’t He able to save to the uttermost all who draw near to Him? Isn’t He able to shine His light into dark hearts revealing the glory of God in His face? Isn’t He the bread of life? Isn’t He the light of the world? Isn’t He the door for His sheep? Didn’t He lay down His life for His sheep? Isn’t He the good shepherd? Isn’t He the resurrection and the life? Isn’t He the way, the truth, and the life? Isn’t He the true vine? Isn’t He the great I AM?

Who are some of the ‘hard ones’ in your life? A neighborhood kid; husband; wife; rebellious child; you? Pray to the only One is able to deliver from sin and save to the uttermost those who would draw near to Him. Our sufficiency is in Christ!

Though the likelihood of you reading this post is slim; this is how I prayed for you this morning lil Tony, Richard, and Mitch. May the Lord get much glory for Himself by doing all that is necessary to satisfy you with Christ.




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19 06 2008

Great post and great challenge and reminder. Praying for you guys. God Bless You!

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