Treasuring Christ Together

15 06 2008

(by: jt)

I’m in Minneapolis for Monday’s final Treasuring Christ Together meeting for the ’07-’08 year. These gatherings are for church planters who have some sort of connection to Bethlehem. Each meeting has proven immensely profitable for me.

Fellowshipping with like-minded church planters over matters that are essential to the church’s health is a unique joy. And being a pastor of one of the youngest TCT churches affords me the privilege of being able to learn from those who are just ahead of us in the journey. We’ve prayed for one another, counseled each other through pastoral needs, and gained insight from one another’s ministry strategies. Added to that, staying with my good friends John and Leslie Erickson is always a treat.

Thank you Lord for the gift that the Treasuring Christ Together vision has been in my life, and now for many others in Memphis. May what we’ve seen to date of Your work through the TCT churches only be a foretaste of Your purposes to bless beyond our greatest imaginations!

Solus Christus!



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