Aid Your Pastor’s Joy

21 06 2008

(by: jt)

The people of Grace are such a joy to pastor. Thank you for the privilege! Here’s a good article from C.J. Mahaney on how you can continue to foster your pastor’s joy.

Joy-filled pastoring is partially dependent upon joy-filled church members. So how can members of a local church help foster joy in their pastor?

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Joshua Harris: For non-pastors listening who are asking, “How can I be a joy to my pastors?”, what are ways they can be encouraging and boosting the joy of their pastors?

C.J. Mahaney: Well, excellent question. In Hebrews 13:17 we read, “Obey your leaders and submit to them, for they are keeping watch over your souls, as those who will have to give an account. Let them do this with joy and not with groaning, for that would be of no advantage to you.” [ESV]

So for all those who are listening, that is an excellent question to be asking. This is a biblical question: How can I make pastoring a joy for my pastor?

I think one would be wise to begin with a text like this and to recognize the priority of making it a joy to serve in pastoral ministry by your appreciation of those in pastoral ministry—your appreciation of their character, their care, their labor, their unique work on your behalf. So there is an appropriate responsiveness expected of you towards their leadership and service in the context of the local church that will make it a joy for them to pastor.

And it would be wise for everyone listening to ask another question: Am I a joy to pastor?

And don’t confine the evaluation of yourself to yourself. I would encourage everyone listening to approach your pastor and ask, “Am I a joy for you to pastor? And if not, why not? I want to be a joy to pastor. I want to bring you joy in pastoring.”

So I think Scripture is clear: By appreciating the character of their pastor and the labor of their pastor, by encouraging their pastor, by the member’s own participation in the local church, they can be a pure joy to pastor.

God wants happy pastors. Any other kind of pastor does not accurately represent God. Yet happy pastors are, to some degree, dependent on individuals who make it a joy to pastor.




One response

26 06 2008

Hey my dear pastors,
By what mahaney has stated, I would have to trust that the answer I get would be real and to the point. Your probably asking at this point, “Doesn’t this person trust his pastors in this forum?” All I’m saying is it would be hard(maybe) for any pastor to accomplish this task with true fulfillment because, he would struggle with the fact that I will be seeing this person most every Sunday; and how mature is this person to receive a bare boned, real, and extensive answer. Another question would be how well do you know this lay person? Are there preconceived or misconstrued views that would be honestly/accidentally made in error in order to try to answer to the best of the pastors ability to empathize and there for lead to the correct very important Question: Am a joy for you to pastor? And if not, why not.
This question was not posed with any double meaning to the best of my knowledge and I am proud to have you all as my pastors for so many reasons. For one I know you systematically/effectually pray for me and my family and that in its self is so encouraging and comforting. If this post was too revealing or not applicable please strike this sentence or don’t post the response. I promise there will be know hard feeling just me trusting your judgement.( I just thought as I feel there may be others)
God bless

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