Summer of Spreading – Applied Theology Through The Eyes of the Next Generation

1 07 2008

New Attitude


(by: jt)

A few weeks ago three young singles from Grace attended the New Attitude conference in Louisville, KY.

As part of Grace’s Summer of Spreading, I’ve asked these young ladies to give us a sampling of how we all could apply the teaching of the gospel to daily life.

Here we go…

The theme verse for NA was:

“Your words were found, and I ate them, and your words became to me a joy and the delight of my heart.” – Jeremiah 15:16

Here are some helpful words that the ladies have to share with us…

  • “Jeremiah penned these words about the authoritative and infallible Word of God.  He found ‘joy’ and ‘delight’ in the words of the Lord.  The theme of New Attitude this year was delighting in and obeying God’s Word.  From the pulpit, we were admonished to reexamine our attitudes toward the Bible and to let it shape us- in all areas of life.”
  • “Jeremiah’s prayer indicates a zealous love for God’s Word, but this love did not come by Jeremiah’s own doing.  He did not love God’s Word to earn his standing before God.  He loved God’s Word because God redeemed him and caused Jeremiah to love Him.  What great grace!”
  • “By His Spirit, through means of Scripture, God changes us.  He has fashioned His Word to be used in our lives: in our times of anxiety, sorrow, joy, etc.  Our souls need not a single exhortation but continual exposure to the Gospel.”

May we all heed Luther’s words:

“The call is: watch, study, attend to reading.  In truth, you can not read too much Scripture, and what you read, you can not read too carefully, and what you read carefully, you can not understand too well, and what you understand well, you can not teach too well, and what you teach well, you can not live too well…the devil…the world…and our flesh are raging and raving against us.  Therefore, dear sirs and brothers, pastors and preachers, pray, read, study, be diligent…this evil, shameful time is not the season for being lazy, for sleeping and snoring.”

  • NEWLY ADDED: “One promise [John Piper] stated that stuck out to me was Romans 12:19 “Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord.”  This promise encourages me to not hold on to bitterness.”
  • NEWLY ADDED: “Wrath will be paid in hell or by the cross.  It also deeply convicted me; because when I say I can’t forgive someone I might as well be telling God that hell….isn’t enough, and the cross….isn’t enough.  May I be quick to forgive.”
  • NEWLY ADDED: “Finally, a question Mahaney asked, “Do you perceive God as full of affection to you?”  Well, yes.  As Owen said, “The greatest sorrow and burden you can lay on the Father, the greatest unkindness you can do to him is not believe that he loves you.”  I do want to put more time into studying adoptive grace, and God’s love towards us, our love towards him, and our love towards others.”
  • If you’re interest is piqued to dig a bit deeper, you might want to etch out time to listen to some of the audio for yourself.

    Conference Audio:

    Thanks for stirring us up ladies!

    To God alone be the glory…




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