Summer of Spreading: The Importance of Knowing God

3 07 2008

(by: Rick C.)

* Rick is a member of Grace who has walked with the Lord longer than Grace’s pastors have been alive ;-).

Jordan: Rick, from your perspective, would you give us your thoughts on how the Nature of God is central to being enabled to live the Christian life?

Rick: Our God is immutable, He says “I change not“, but it is God’s nature to change us. In 2 Cor. 3:18, Paul says ‘as we behold the glory of the LORD we are being transformed into the same image’.

Jordan: If the Nature of God is so central to being transformed into Christ’s likeness, would you suggest ways that anyone reading this could start using the Bible to learn more about beholding God in the fullness of His Nature?

Rick: It is his nature to use obedient, submissive, redeemed men to preserve His name and to proclaim it to a new generation. At Grace, for example, we have seen…

It is our God’s nature to declare with authority who He is. This he does through His preached and read Word. It would be helpful to carefully consider each of these passages.

Jordan: Since those are examples of how you have seen God’s Nature through worshiping Him with Grace Church, is there anything that makes you certain that focusing on God’s nature with the congregation has been nourishing for you?

Rick: The corporate prayer, singing, pastoral prayer, scripture reading, sermon, and offering are all God-centered. So there is always a banquet table set before us like in Song of Solomon 2:4. No pot lucks here. Every service we feast on the Bread sent from heaven. A central aspect of God’s Nature is to feed His children.

Jordan: What is the most important thing that comes to your mind as you contemplate the Nature of God?

Rick: Our God is a jealous God, Ex. 34:14, and he is jealous for His Name.

Jordan: What would you say to the popular suggestion that everyone “connects” with God in his or her own way?

Rick: Well, it’s the One True God’s Nature that only after one’s regeneration does He allow us to respond to his attributes as we should.

Jordan: So, why do you love God?

Rick: I love our Triune God because He has made me glad that He changes not, and that He changes me.

Jordan: Thank you Rick for stirring us up with these thoughts!

* If this interaction rouses your interest, or seems unfamiliar to you, it would be our joy to dialogue with you more about how lasting joy can be found in your life as you live with all your might to glorify God by treasuring Jesus Christ and spreading His eternal joy!




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